Where to Find Authentic Jewelry to Match Your Style

With billions of dollars worth of transactions globally every year, jewelry remains to be one of the most lucrative industries. It attracts many investors who are motivated by the supernormal profits that are possible here. But let’s face it, when an industry is extremely lucrative and wealthy, it attracts all manner of investors, including legitimate ones and those who are unscrupulous. Jewelry is one of the industries with the highest level of unscrupulousness and fraud.

There are so many traders sell fake jewelry that it is easy to be duped, especially when you do not know where to shop. Discover where to find authentic jewelry to match your style below.

1. Jewelry Exhibitions

Some of the top places you should check out when looking for some authentic jewelry pieces are jewelry exhibitions. Numerous exhibitions are available for you both online and offline. One reason why we trust these jewelry display and sales events is that nearly all products are independently examined and qualified by experts.


Another reason is that the unscrupulous traders avoid events such as these, which may put them under the radar of the authorities. They would never bring their products an auction due to the fear of getting busted by experts.

2. Jewelry Auctions

If you went to one or a few jewelry exhibitions nearby but you could not find something worth buying, hold off the thought of going to the popular jewelry store near you just yet. This is because some big stores conveniently sell fake jewelry. Check out a few public auctions near you or online. These auctions can be another great place where you can obtain authentic stuff. This is because just like exhibitions, all the products displayed in public auctions have gone through rigorous testing and verification. Again, sellers of fake jewelry will avoid auctions in order to continue evading the radar of the relevant authorities.

3. Visit a Trustworthy Jewelry Store

If you did not find what you were looking for at the auction, it is time to visit a store that sells genuine jewelry. How do you tell if a shop sells authentic jewelry? It is easy, most stores display some form of proof, showing that they handle genuine stuff.


This could be a legitimate documentation from a known jewelry brand such as Bvlgari, Harry Winston and more. Also, ask the seller if he can allow you to bring in your own jewelry tester and see their reaction. If they are reluctant about this, then you are looking at fake jewelry!

4. Harry Winston

A household name when it comes to jewelry business, Harry Winston is arguably the number one jewelry brand globally. This multinational has numerous outlets spread throughout the world, selling authentic jewelry products. Visit an outlet if there is one in a town near you to shop. If there isn’t any, go to harrywinston.com/en, which is their website and browse through their incredible assortment of diamond jewelry.

5. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany and Company is another major jewelry brand globally. The multinational has numerous outlets around the world, selling high quality and authentic jewelry. Visit an outlet in your town if at all there is one.

If there is not any, go to their website www.tiffany.ca and browse through their well-curated selection of jewelry and see what you can order.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top places where you can obtain authentic jewelry. Forget about the malls and the stores in the CBD, these are the typical places where fake jewelry can be found in plenty. We hope this information pointed you in the right direction