Best Native American Jewelry Brands

Jewelry provides people with the impression of worth in both the ancient and contemporary world. The best denotation of use of jewelry to symbolize status or value is in Native American jewelry. In native Americans’ culture, jewelry was used to portray the varied experience of its people. Thus, the culture tied to their jewelry encouraged them to push for development and creation of among the best jewelry brands in the world. This article will highlight some of the best Native American jewelry brands in the market.

Navajo Indian Southwest Jewelry

This brand of Native American jewelry is designed by the Navajo Indians New Mexico. Their work has distinct hallmarks that are only associated with their brand. They center on beautifying their silver by engraving a distinct print of lattice. The decoration gives the american earrings the Southwest Jewelry look.

Native Americans Rings

The Navajo culture and society have valued the Turquoise stone for very many years. Thus, it has become the stone of preference when creating their jewelry. The reverence of turquoise stone by the Navajo people is due to their belief that it is a Skystone engraved on other by the highest power above. The broadening of their Southwestern Turquoise jewelry brand was enabled by the opening of the culture to outsiders.

Tourists would visit Navajo land for the adventure and wanted a piece of the place so that they could remember the experience. Thus, the native Americans exchanged their jewelry with the visitors as souvenirs, leading to the expansion of their jewelry brand.

Zuni Indian Southwest Jewelry

The Zuni people consider their homeland to spun across New Mexico to Arizona. The tribe concentrates on stonework to supplement their unbelievable stone cutting skills. Their jewelry is in the form of silver which are created by the use of easy artwork. Their jewelry is made to using very many small stones known as Pettipoint and Needlepoint. The unique rocks are used for the creation of Zuni Indian Southwest Jewelry.


The stones are also used to make customized jewelry which is made by combining several gemstones to produce a variety of colors. These customized ornaments are called the engraved turquoise jewelry.The Zuni Indian southwest jewelry brand focuses on earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other forms of ornament. A significant emphasis in the designing of these ornaments is sophisticated only to be made by the Zuni American Indians.

Hopi Indian Southwest Jewelry

The Hopi Native American Tribe is a native tribe of the state of Arizona. The Hopi Indians southwest jewelry are known for their aesthetic pull from the sophisticated silver drapes on their jewelry. Their uniqueness makes them a must-have for any jewelry lover. Their decoration set them apart from other native jewelry brands making them a famous brand all over the world. They are thus easily distinguishable due to their rare silver designing.

One of the notable native American jewelry is Ben Yazzie who has made several handmade silver Jewelry for several famous people in the society like Charlie Daniels. Ben Yazzie is a talented artisan whose work is influenced by the rich Navajo heritage, manifested on his pieces.

In conclusion, Native American Jewelries continue gaining traction due to their durability and cheap cost. Therefore, we are just seeing the beginning of establishment many Native American jewelry brands.